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Ricardo Hanley Jr.

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Good Day All Visitors.

Let me first thank you for taking the time to read, critique, appreciate and absorb my art. Poetry and People are my two passions.❤️

All I write is for this world and myself; beautiful and flawed.❤️


I’m Ricardo Hanley Jr.

An Author, A Lover, A Human Being. I’ve come to the awareness of who I am and I’m rewarded with the peace of mind and heart to be able to deliver to you all my first book of poetry :

Silence Conceiving Symphonies, My Imprints Of Existence

which houses my experiences, observations, dreams, ideals, all of the world which inspires me. This gift is as much yours as it is mine, for you all have had a stake in my life and have inspired this book and more art that will continue to spring from my depths. Enjoy our shared reflection through my oration. Thank you again. inspired by the vastness of life in you and in me.


❤️You are all living poetry❤️


Living, Growing, Breathing Biography

I started writing poetry when I was twelve years old. It was never my intent to become a writer originally but I was inspired by my family who are musically inclined. I remember crying just to spend time at my cousins’ houses, which definitely ensured days and nights of enjoying and creating music, play fighting, playing video games and racing toy cars. I still remember my first poem: “I met a girl named Jan, who didn’t have a man, she did a dance and wet her pants and then she found a man.” I know what you’re thinking and yes, my writing ability has improved beyond the story of Jan. ❤️

I started becoming serious about poetry as I aged and experienced life; what I call becoming educated through moments in time. I began to see how I have a natural ability to reflect on canvases that house the spoken word. Writing quickly became my therapy, past-time and through much love, my passion. I’m continuously inspired by stress, despair, joy, color, everything within reach of my senses. ❤️

My first literary inspirations came from nursery rhymes, Dr. Seuss, Tikki Tikki Tembo, and many other great stories and storytellers. Poetry means so much me. I believe we are all living poetry and we express our poems differently. Ask anyone that’s knows me I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve and my writing is no different. You will always receive the unadulterated me as I reach within my depths to bring it to you. Poetry as an art form will always be dear to me. It enables me and the reader to explore different facets of ourselves simultaneously. I love knowing that my words could reach someone right on time and I could potential become the drip that starts the ripple in their infinite ocean. ❤️


My favorite poet is Sunni Patterson
My favorite rapper is Jadakiss
My favorite author is Khalil Gibran

❤️Honor, Love and Respect: To My Mother and Father. All My Ancestry❤️

“It’s not what we eat
But what we digest
That makes us strong;
Not what we gain
But what we save
That makes us rich;
Not what we read
But what we remember
That makes us learned;
and Not what we profess
But what we practice
That gives us integrity.”
–Universal Wisdom

Please feel free to contact me via email : rhanley87@gmail.com

I look forward to doing free-lance writing for individuals, companies, blogs, etc.
I write about all facets of life and would love to collaborate with you on your projects.
Please feel free to hire me as your public speaker and orator for all occasions.

You are living poetry, thank you for the inspiration.


 Ricardo Hanley Jr.

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  1. Thank you for following Oh, the Places We See. It’s great to have an author following us and traveling alongside!

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    1. Yes lets explore this world hand in hand, grasping the subtle hands of divinity

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    1. The shirt was provided by Emily Talley. The people’s choice award winning artist. She’s a beautiful soul and great friend. 😁


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