“The citrus shade that represents joy and the expressions made by nature our enthusiastic Mage. It is a color used to call attention to, a hue that brings any subject in question into full view. This  undertone is worn by the Gold fish which inhabits a small home with four kids, all sharing the responsibility of raising an aquatic friend.

The freedom this pigmentation represents gives an intuitive awakening to one of the kids who grants recompense to their newly adopted pet.

Small hands choosing to liberate the Gold fish from a prison like state, into the unknowns of their local lake, abolished back into the wild, where only the fittest will survive. A prayer in the sweet heart of the child, teary eyed from her last goodbyes, but quickly she returns back to her luminous smile. The other three children gathered like fathers and mothers, all huddled in honor at the edge of the water, holding tight the young abolitionist, bidding farewell to their daughter.

This aura of determination and this impression of balance, this dye of change, is a reflection of spring’s warmth, becoming summers flame. It grants intensity to any conscious choice made, it’s the ambience of your guiding voice, the gut feelings, that when heeded, will show you, you may not have what you wanted but this is exactly what is needed. It is a rejuvenating radiance, an extroverted emanation, when accessed will grant us a spiritual maintenance from its energetic coloration.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.

2017-08-21 11.31.10 1586365032615054933_310422063.jpg



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  1. Frank Hubeny says:

    Orange is a lovely color.

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    1. Indeed, with my Color Series I hope to dispel the negative connotations surrounding our colors and to give a more in-depth look at them.

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