Strange Fruit

“Jesus sat under the poplar trees with tear filled eyes, wondering why? Why do the captive natives hang in this grove, like strange fruit at harvest seeking an abode? Christ touched the hanging body of Mary Turner and recalled all her memories, rage quickly mixed with his sorrow. He saw a great people being oppressed, by an enemy bearing a false image of him for their comfort and rest for centuries.

He saw a mass genocide for the purpose of profit, the slaying of the holy mothers, fathers and prophets. The child of Mary, stripped from her womb, he released his hand from her body before being completely consumed by grief, weak from the flashback he fell to his knees and ask Yahweh, father please, what is the purpose of pain to this degree? What balance is meant to be achieved? What motive, could allow these atrocities to go unnoticed and unanswered by divine decree?

Silence filled the spaces in his soul; his father’s answer was wordless but not worthless. Christ stood to his feet to beech Horus and the God and Goddess principles that came before him. He ended his prayer with Amen, being mindful of pronunciation, Amun-Rah.
Christ then disappeared into the wilderness, knowing like him these melaninated people are limitless, He proclaimed Hotep, for the peace for this race and where his sorrow was, strength was replaced.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.
By the grace of the most high may Universal Karma sweep over the Earth like a tempest. Taking all guilty in her wind and giving loving breath to the innocent. Protect each other, spread the truth, live the truth and be love.


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