Sultry Oil

“You are fragrant oil, poured over my body gently. I clasp my hands in prayer, giving thanks while covered in your scent. You fill my every pore and seal them all with a kiss, in your presence all straight lines are bent. We converse for hours and in those moments of truth, I realize all my knowledge is acute, you allow me to see right angles as we explore, teaching me all that is obtuse.

You who seek to make sense of the inner and outer vastness, the clashes of atoms, the mysteries of wormholes and the quantum facets, underlying all we are and all we can be. I continue to rub you into my skin. This fragrance that takes me, is the aroma of Nefertiti, whose dreams have foretold, this oil on my hands, as we discuss the origins of man and the conception of the universe. This scent is the perfume of Yaa Asantewaa and Queen Amina, filling the spaces in my spirit with an ancestral courage to surmount the invading force whose spiritual stream has been sullied by their conditioned inner voice.

We continue to speak; and I become distracted watching your lips, saturated in the thought you, nearly drowning in your depths, but your guiding voice pulls me from the deep, so I may traverse upward until I find the shores of your soul to resurrect. Drenched from your inner ocean, I am tempted to descend back into you and to never resurface, but alas I must rise like Rah, spreading the illumination you’ve granted me, to fulfill my purpose.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.

Art Credits: X-Rayman

Dedicated to the primordial woman and her inner dwelling in us all. Access the ancients by way of love and ascend on wings granted by her kiss.





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