“For when you house something in your heart. You let it become you. And parting from self, is a sorrow unsweetened. Like that of the cup brewed by the humble maid who saturates the green tea 🌿leaves in tears during her servitude to the King. She fears she will only serve and never receive, though secretly she herself has forgotten, she is the Queen.”

🌿Ricardo Hanley Jr.🌿

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"Tattooed imprints of my escape from falsehood, line both wrist and paired ankles. The second I acknowledged my servitude to self sabotage, I was granted a sample. A savory taste of the freedom that awaits me, should I break every bondage which I've clung to for safety. Round worlds told to me but never explored. Secrets whispered through barred windows, but no keys to the door. Invisible forces keeping me bound. I discard these ideals and kneel before the ancient queen, casting my crown 👑 she grants me transformative kiss, lovingly springing my own wings, to lift me from the ground. I get out." – Ricardo Hanley Jr. Musical Inspiration/Liberation Credits: Lauryn Hill, I Get Out Music Credits: Jeff Bhasker, Fun, We Are Young Instrumental. Animation Credits: Haibane Renmei is a 13-episode anime series based on the work of Yoshitoshi ABe I was tagged and able to be included in this #tribeunity by the lovely poetic queen @chanalucky7 ❤️🐘Thank you Queen 🙏🏾👑 I enjoyed exploring the musical realm, which all prose eventually finds with rhythmic hips and moving lips 👄 thank you @tribeofpoets for bringing us together through this platform. I love you my kindred and tagged a few great poets and poetesses. Let's all join hands and lift each other, until we all sprout our wings, seeking the sun ☀️ #songsoftribeslam #ricardohanleyjr #silenceconceivingsymphonies #touchthemultitude #redinkpoetry #spokenword #wordsmith #prose #inspire #doortooursouls #microtale #universalwordsmith #wordporn #wordgasm #spilledink #quillholders #nevergiveup #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #endurance #writersofinstagram #writersuniverse #wordart #quotes #herheartpoetry

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