Love And Sex

“My instrumental heart ❤️ beat moves my tongue to explain the divine plains of love and how from those elevated peaks therein lies a mirrored cave where sex sleeps waiting to be chosen by the pure, the un-pure, the sure and the unsure. When sex is woken prematurely she can become a fire burning out of control, an allure wild fire, taking the forest in a single swoop of flame, leaving no remains.

Should he rise from that slumber earlier than expected, at times the love from which he’s begotten is forgotten and the act of love making can become a selfish investment. The gain is a pleasure untamed by physical measure, giving rise to a mind that continues to climb to that peak to seek sex again and again, until it is weak and forced to rest and repeat, all the while half asleep to the worth of its treasure:

But when that sleep is aroused naturally, when the daybreak of love’s dawn is spawned from an unconditioned stretch and yawn, leading us hand in hand, palm to palm, you have answered her call.

Poised to kissed, he lifts himself gently from the calming exit of a world of dreams, the imaginative realms which inspires all we know and believe, opening the doors to reality’s embrace, soft kiss, and sweet taste.

She caresses every fiber of your being, you stroke and she receives your genius, minds molding, souls merging in unison, sweet nectar dances on the lips of those who remember well their origin.

After sweat and heat mix the evaporation creates a cloud that surrounds the plains of love, this sauna-like effect takes sex back into a relieved state of rest, awaiting your touch to fulfill its purpose to unselfishly resurrect, rising like a phoenix, ascending to our zenith.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.❤️

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The line between Sex and Love is ambiguous. I wanted to touch on this topic for us all and my own inner-standing.


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