The Seeker

“I grasp the clear quartz 💎 that hangs from a metal chain I found within the walls of my warm home surviving the winter cold. I seek wisdom consciously, from the 👑 Kings of old within my shelter on a technological marvel which mimics the human brain in its processes.

I come across a passage describing the Nile 🌊 Delta and how the great river empties itself into a great sea, mirroring the Truth that flows into me. I’m taken from a state of waking into being fully alert, merging with a spiritual connection from the circuitry created through the resurrection of these rediscovered facts in me.

I close my eyes and taste the salt of the Mediterranean, the taste reminds me of tears shed in so many names, and so many nameless. I open my drenched eyes and wipe them dry with my palms, looking at the lines on my hands.👏

Divine design gave me an image similar to the pyramids of Sudan and Giza, lands of intelligence and innovation, kissed by the sun’s ☀️ fever,1/4 desert and 3/4 vegetation. Like a seed in fertile soil, cognitive dissonance plants its roots into the very core of my soul; I am ripped apart, baptized in fire and again made whole.

Still seeking, still reaching into my depths hands wet from the deep, holding pearls and jewels found within my inner sea.🌊

I take these precious stones and create jewelry,💎 adorning myself in a priceless wealth, which shines with a luminosity of a thousand suns. Still seeking, yet I am not still, moving quietly, on the run, being chased by wasted time which serves its purpose to remind me of a time when half-truths would blind me, when my spirit would call for an increased intuition that would save and find me. Well here I stand after the trails, finally found, and to the truth finally bound. Still Seeking.”

❤️Ricardo Hanley Jr.❤️

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