“I Can Breakthrough All

Freed By My Own Tired Hands,

Sustained By These Wings.”

❤️Ricardo Hanley Jr.❤️

💎5,7,5 – Syllable-Haiku💎

This was my first experience, experimenting with Haiku. I encourage all of us to take on new challenges. I encourage all of us to seek our individual and collective breakthroughs. Let your heart be your guide.

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❤️Silence Conceiving Symphonies❤️

When prompted by @quillholders this week about the topic of Memory's Intertwined, I came up with this piece. "Memories" by Ricardo Hanley Jr. – "The past is whispering secrets forgotten, into my present. She kisses my ear lobe with lips wet with sweet memory, her words enter me like sunlight piercing the night, the illusion of a disappearing sun, setting the stage for the stars to come, again, though they have never left. She tells me of a future, which may come by my hands in motion with clear intent, but only after I am tempted by doubt when she appears, and her touch I shall reject." – Ricardo Hanley Jr. Thank you again for the prompt. Bringing new life in me. 🙏🏾 #imov #tribeofpoets #bymepoetry #ricardohanleyjr #silenceconceivingsymphonies #touchthemultitude #redinkpoetry #raw #poem #spokenword #wordsmith #prose #inspire #pulseofthewildheart #herheartpoetry #poetsofig #instapoems #globalwordsmiths #wordporn #wordgasm #spilledink #quillholders #writersofig #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #writingcommunity #writers #writersofinstagram #9ether #lifeisalwaystrending

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