“I once lived in a ☁️cloud. Weightless was I,

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Tasteful in my own my eyes, interchanging smile and frown. I was High and from the elevated plain I looked down and saw myself sitting stagnant on Earth, stuck, as if under a curse. What made things worse is that when I returned from the astral plane, I had forgot all I had gained in my travels, I had not remembered all that I’ve seen, who I had befriended, who I had battled, all that I dreamed🌿

Intuition was my only comfort to reassure me that my uplift was for me, hands invisible pushing me pitiful to return to an atmosphere critical. My culture and daily ritual along with a reoccurring desire, influenced my will again and again to start the

Shamanic 🔥Fire

Smoke signals to the spirits, on whose cloud I would rise on, to visit, but as I knocked on their doors, I was ignored, sound fell on deaf ears, I knew not enemy from peers, spiritual sparked, calmed but unclear.🌿

At times I was greeted by the shadows of a restless mind; fears laid her hands bare on me, after my climb to the height where I drifted out of her sight. Her might could only last as long as I allowed, clash of sword and shield heard within the cloud, until I fell yet again to my Earthly grounds.🔥

My physical eyes losing its ruby coating, a vague remembrance of my🎈 floating, footing eroded, within a world coded. I chose my birth world to decode before I again travel to that spiritual abode, a realm I feel I’ll never know.🌿”

❤️Ricardo Hanley Jr.❤️


I am now 30 years of age and as we grow gracefully we must embrace the realistic standpoints of facing ourselves. I myself, have struggled with my addiction to marijuana for some time but of course the enjoyment of this leafy luxury did not initially start as an addiction. I use this word now because I have time and time again tried to purge it from my life and have willingly been unsuccessful. I would reflect negatively, blaming weed for unfavorable circumstance in my life.

I was being naive but it is in fact my time to settle me fight with my addiction.

I vow to put the leafy 🌿love ❤️ down, until I re-release My first book of poetry as a 2nd Edition with illustrations, deeper proof reading and multifaceted promo campaign. Also upon that re-release, I will simultaneously, release my follow up book

“Melodies of Eternity”

Weed is not for everyone, at least in the way its used in our “Modern Culture”

Pick your Poison or your Remedies Wisely.

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Follow @penpaper_n_vichaar and email them, they will #repost your write-ups. Thank you for #sharing my poem Entitled: Addicted. #Share, #Swipe, #Retain and Be #Inspired. @word_pusher May #all that binds #us be loosed and may we #know #clear our #true #voice through the clamor of all #addictions. I can't just leave you guys with a snippet so here is my poem "Addicted" "I need you. At least that's what I think. You've become part of my daily intake, you are a web, woven within my life, which I'm tangled in. Have I made the choice consciously to be in the position I'm standing in, or was I lead here by maleficent forces, which have served as the voices of ruin for many peoples undoing? Somehow I can answer yes to both these questions, for nothing stands alone within the procession of nexus. There is much visibility within the synchronicity if we but observe, to find exactly why we took a certain curve, from what seemed to be a straight path, stepped on boldly with conviction, onto the winding road better known as addiction. The unconscious push towards this path could have come from any source, any experience, any voice that spoke with bitter sweet lips about how to get grip on what presently exist. Addiction is the voice that is heard in the silence of idleness, which said "join me and I will cure your boredom" though the voice will not warn you of how it has claws to hold you. It will show you no mercy, embedding its imprint in your flesh, making its way to your mind, traversing to the spirit where it finds your true self and seeks to confine you; altering your being, making attempts to redefine you. We must struggle and fight, back to our inner light, when any addiction seeks to eclipse us, like the moon passing in front of the sun. If Luna should not make her make her complete transition, the dark skies will serve as an omen, that something precious to us is missing. Nature again, reflecting our inner movements, showing us creatures of the Universe our teacher, to be humbled as students and seekers. Choose well your habits; decide wisely on your dependencies, for I've seen the answers could only be two things: my growth or the end of me." – Ricardo Hanley Jr.

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