Mirror World Pt.1

“I placed both hands on the mirror again and again in disbelief. I swear, I wasn’t smoking that day, nor was I half-asleep. Further more, the supernatural 🌺surprise, proved itself through its repeat; 🌺

And repetition is the father of learning;

So why, why are my solid hands, passing freely through what I know to be a solid mirror? In my curiosity and bravado I made a blind leap. Head first into my own reflection, the mirror absorbed me, image and all, and I plunged into another dimension by way of a fall.

Drifting through what looked like a wormhole, surrounded by nameless stars and planets, seeing humanoids of all forms, until I fell through another mirror, onto a soft floor. The room smelled like freshly cut flowers at the shop of florist. I looked around room, as a cautious explorer and timid tourist.🌺🌺🌺

Slowly placing my eyes on every detail, breathing deeply the new air of an unknown world. Suddenly a hand touched my shoulder gently; I jumped from my crouched position on the floor, and backed slowly away to my reflective door, which I had hoped was a revolving entrance.

The tempest in my heart calmed as I realized I needed not to be alarmed. I slowed my feet from moving backward until I came to a complete stop. The air became still, my eyes opened wide and my mouth dropped.

I was staring at the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, which was fitting because all that transpired felt like a dream. She said welcome, I’ve longed for us to discover each other. My tongue failed me momentarily, then my reply was slow and steady. I’m honored you’ve been waiting for me, your truly beautiful and I would love to learn more about you and this power and this world.

She said all in due time, for now let’s us embrace, with soft music and wine.

(To be continued) “

❤️Ricardo Hanley Jr.❤️

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