Keep Seeking

“Powerless to defend a world consumed by false truths, we have 🌿become🌿 leaves sheaved upon scorched🔥roots. The flames 🔥 which maimed our history are orchestrated by invisible and visible enemies who withhold the ways of old in secrecy, wisdom which should be provided equally, only fragments of Divine content with proper context are scattered into circulation, limited access of information for the purpose of awakening. We must come into Sankofa translated as, Affirmation and re-connection of the spirit, we cannot let the ways of ancient Earth perish, to flourish is to know and proceed to know, to grow and proceed to grow, yet this lack of power seems to devour our confidence, frail human bodies with expansive consciousness, living on ideals which align with our common sense, yet the ways of uncommon may free us from our problems, I will keep seeking until I’ve solved them.”

❤️ Ricardo Hanley Jr. ❤️

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You Are Living Poetry


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