“The nature of love 🐝 remains a mystery though the impactful clues you have given me, have cleared the brush and the trees, leaving only rose colored leaves, directing a fragrant path to our dreams and reality, our deeper dream. We were once lone honey bees, seeking nectar from flowers unknown, calling no place our home. Others sought to pollinate the lush garden within our souls though you saw me perched my on a familiar rose where you heard my 🐝 Bumble, my power, the inner symphony that halted your hand from swiping right again. The same song that froze your palm and then melted it into mine, like wax kissing the lovely flame, scorched lips healing in time although changed, they both are sustained, giving loving sight to those seeking each other in the darkest of nights. We spoke telepathically before meeting physically. A meeting of minds before bodies, swimming in your depths from a distance, quickly closing the gap to obtain your imprint. I walked into the bar, a strong spirit; which only sought you for mixing. To merge without dilution, assimilation without compromise, a perfect fusion; solitary fission. All eyes became fixated on me and surprisingly I was at ease within your midst, your friends looked upon me and didn’t even blink, as if an illusion had appeared in the form of a woman seeking you with kiss and tender grip. Time began her dance with us, as each loving moment lead to that fated bright morning of elation, we conversed for hours and I was fully drawn in by your oration. And Alas, It’s was that morning that I knew, I could spend my whole life with you. My bumbling 🐝 bee, with lips sweet as honey, cling to me as you do the lily, embrace me as you would the orchid in the garden. I’ve found myself within you, when your search for me departed.”

🐝❤️Ricardo Hanley Jr.❤️🐝

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