“You are the waking wings to the multitude,  carrying scents of French vanilla and hazelnut in your gust.”

❤️ Ricardo Hanley Jr. ❤️


We are woke by divine design, forget not. But I have to say, God coffee was a nice touch.                                                                                      ❤️

hoppip cat coffee GIF

I'm proud to introduce to you all, my latest Poetic Series The "Perspective Series" Coming Soon in my Second, Follow Up-Bridge Book 📚 entitled "Melodies Of Infinity". This Bridge will lead us all back to my first book 📚 "Silence Conceiving Symphonies" my life's work, which is available now by clicking the link in my bio. These volumes 📚that continue to spring from my depths are a testament of my alignment. I am Ricardo Hanley Jr. Writer, Orator. I call this "Through The Eyes Of A Child" 👶🏾 🌺🌺🌺🌺🖤 "All I want to do is play the second I open eyes. But my bed is so soft and so warm I just want to lay here all day and look up at the my ceiling, revealing a painted sky. Every morning I hug my pillow and thank it for another great dream underneath my blanket. But, there are two people I love more than blanky, my bed, and brownies, the ones I love most, are my daddy and my mommy. I would have wrote this sooner but my hands are sticky from the cotton candy mommy gave me. She told me that everything in life isn't always fair but from what I remember the carnival is called the fair and It was there that I won this big teddy bear and she gave me a hug and a kiss and said that's how I want you to be in life, I want you to shoot and aim to never miss but in case you do miss, know that you gave your best. Mommy says this in life will be my greatest test. Daddy nodded and agreed. I saw him wiping tears from his eyes with his sleeves, up until then I've never seen him cry. I pulled at his coat and asked him, why are you crying daddy? He smiled and said these are happy tears, which come when your heart and mind are clear. He said, we love with our hearts and understand with our minds, but to truly know love they have to combine. I didn't understand at first, but he told me later in life I will. He said he wants me to be strong, stronger than sadness, angriness, and some other nesses…"- Ricardo Hanley Jr. 😴 Video Credit to: Filminute, Tuck Me In, Directed by Ignacio Rodo.

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❤️Silence Conceiving Symphonies❤️



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