Seeing Love Without Seeing

“She blindfolded me with her ⚡️thighs and in the shade of her lovely legs, I surmised, this what she meant when she said ” I want you to understand me” my eyes now blind to her majesty but my other senses, are on bended knee because of her gravity. My tongue 👅 and lips 👄, imprint kiss upon her blessed lower half, confirmed only by taste and touch. Anxious hands, caress her temple in prayer, grasping soft sweet flesh, alternating between scripting slow and fasts, a message consistent. I am possessed by her ancient aroma. Like that frankincense and myrrh on the robes of the wise men, seeping through the vessels before presented to the messiah King. Her breath stokes the fire 🔥 in her center and all we desire enters in and envelope us.”

🔥 Ricardo Hanley Jr. 🔥


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