Dear Poetry

“Dear Poetry. You’ve won. I’m laying where you’ve found me. In a field of white lilies, with broken mirror petals,🌺🌺 on which I write these words in my own blood, hoping to find the ruptured vein to plug and clot to keep in all of my love, in which I dip both quill and brush. Yes, you have won indeed. You have become my need and necessary relief and to my own madness a constant reprieve. When did my belief in you, become a concrete knowing, like the air I breath, a subtle reassurance by the All that is unseen. Flawless victory. I combat mortal and normal thinking, in favor of the abstract simplicity of eternity you are. You stopped my bleeding with kiss, granting me sutra and scar. Dear poetry you have won. My mind and especially my heart.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.

 flower GIF

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