“Affirm attentively and accurately.🌺

🌺Become beyond basic.

Craft cleverly.🌺

🌺Do disdain destructive deeds.

Elaborate everything.🌺

🌺Forget forgery, fathom facts.

Gather greatness.🌺

🌺Hinder hindrances.

Initiate intellect intuitively.🌺

🌺Justify jubilance.

Kneel knowingly.🌺

🌺Let light lead lovingly.

Moralize meanings.🌺

🌺Neutralize negativity.

Oppose only opposition,🌺


Retain resilience,

Strengthening spirit.🌺

🌺Through trail, truths transcend,



Wake willingly, wield wisdom,🌺


Zealously.” 🌺

❤️ Ricardo Hanley Jr. ❤️


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