“Would that you will use the shade of the deep sea and stream, the raiment of the river   parallel to its reflection in the skies to describe the sorrow in you and I? What is sorrow but the preparation of joy, the enduring shall find it, if they but seek its door. More and More I hear the blue whispers of the calm sea and the passion of its raging tides, yielding to no intruder or passerby. What sadness have you found in this color? I have found gain and strength, rage and sense, triumph and challenge, the conception of balance.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.




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  1. Powerful. I like your voice on the recording.

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  2. waywarddame says:

    This is wonderful! I love the emotions you have brought in here. I look forward to reading more. *And I agree with Brenda, your voice adds an extra element!


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