Ashley Henry

“I made an attempt, to clear my contempt and find a

common and uncommon sense back to content.


it feels as if,

I’m filling a paper cup with holes, with drops

of water hoping it will hold, only to see I’ll never be


Why am I angry at myself, when the hands

that dealt your cards, slipped in an early death without

pause to retract and reshuffle:

Those same hands,

whose Divine ears seem muffled by the sound of my

prayers in the hospital waiting room, trying my best

internally to reach that Divinity and connect with you.


was begging every Deity, asking to trade with you,

places, time and spaces, pains and aches, telling this

Provenance, begging this Provenance for whatever it

takes, to save you from this unseen fate.


hours passed without being told if you were sleep or awake

and when the family gathered to hear you’ve come too,

our worst nightmares had come true.


emotionless professionals, quote on quote, giving us an

unwitnessed confessional of how things go, and how

these things can happen, and how they did all they

could in thought and action.

Yet I wonder,

if it was their

own child under the knife, would their hands hand

made an error that night. Though I’m not keen on what ifs, nor am I on hindsight.

Presently I’m in mourning just mourning.

But alas we

also call morning a new day, and your life is from a

Dawn which gives way for a beautiful sunrise. Your

legacy as the Queen you are, is etched in the hearts of

those who you love you, near and far.

Your life is

coursing through Aaliyah’s veins, you granted us a new

babe as you were on your way, singing to us, “I Was

Here”, and making your journey without fear.

You are

my cousin, you are my sister, my blood and my love. I

will honor your life with the life that I wield, with your

memory equipped as my sword and my shield.” –

 Ricardo Hanley Jr.


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