Black & White

“If not for the black of this vast universe would we see the white light of the stars? White pages long to be touched with black ink, thoughts from the spatial mind that sink and climb beyond dark heights and depths, to find illumination for their breath. To dwell in light is to live, though to be in darkness in is not to die. When death reveals itself do we not say walk into the light, if so then how can black be personified as a deathly color? White lies and black plagues, our colors used out of context, called out of their names. The black soil will conceive a sweet white lily that will meet with all other colors, sisters and brothers of the spectrum. The white canvas says not to the black paint; touch me not with your taint. There is no separation in these shades, no spaces in their existence. They are imprints of yin and yang, light and dark, the continuous duality; The procession of polarity.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.

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