Forever Sacred

“Forever sacred, these ancient memories are the wind beneath my wings, carrying me to where our love begins, there is no ending I can see, and even if that’s reality I’ll choose to dream, they may label my sorrow and bliss as ignorance if they wish, but I tell them, mind their own business, they haven’t experienced or witnessed, the ripping of love from your heart while young, while the song of innocence was sung by those who held the same note, wrote to the same melody, expressed love in harmony, I won’t let our sync become extinct, I will nurture the seed we’ve sown, blossoming through the seasons, April tears become December snow. I close my eyes and I try to vision your new place of dwelling, the swelling of rainless clouds refuse to fuse with the present, I let my eyelids cascade the black filled cumulus, I question why am I doing this, a clear memory of us sitting on the steps of the church star gazing, renews my patience and comforts the wounds, I say “I’ll be with you soon”, but the prospect of death is an answer-less abyss and it’s not an immediate wish, but seeing you is. I will continue to live, till my time comes to be released from the Earth, onward to continue my search.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.


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