Forever Sacred

“These ancient memories are the wind beneath my wings, carrying me to where our love begins, there is no ending I can see, and even if that’s reality I’ll choose to dream.

I won’t let our sync become extinct.

I will nurture the seed we’ve sown, blossoming through the seasons, April tears become December snow.

I close my eyes and I try to vision your new place of dwelling, the swelling of rain-less clouds refuse to fuse with the present.

I let my eyelids cascade the black filled cumulus.

I question why am I doing this?

A clear memory of us sitting on the steps of the church star gazing, renews my patience and comforts the wounds,

I say

“I’ll be with you soon”

But the prospect of death is an answer-less abyss and it’s not an immediate wish, but seeing you is.

I will continue to live, till my time comes to be released from the Earth, onward to continue my search.” –Ricardo Hanley Jr.


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