The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

“Who has mastered time to avoid decay, to grow without fear of the grave? To age and gauge their full potential, preserving their physical and their mental. Life propels everything that dwells within the binds of time to excel, in order to find soils of new truths where it may dwell. We as seeds must grow to a root, which in time, will stretch forth becoming the foundation, the force and source of a new lineage, a family tree, birthed through the cycle of eternity. Finally when the root has given its last bit of energy, it is then reincarnated in the first fruits and their seeds, generations may generate eternally. All life has the right to sovereign living, to receive the time they have been given and to grieve, when the time comes, to watch the tears of the ones they love, as their soul rise above the funeral site, taking flight as celestial beings basking in light. Standing with their sons and daughters, loved ones and supporters, who remember the root and will harvest every marvelous memory of the entity which gave its life to continue the fight to survive and keep their genes alive, until the stage of evolution arrives, where we are revived to see through different eyes. When this comes, I pray the memory of the past will be engraved to remember former days and nights, within our time and the circle of life.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.


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