To Sum It All Up

“In Each Other’s Eyes We Rank As Number 1,

From Friends Then To Lovers, Look What We’ve Become.

No One Can Subtract The Years We’ve Know Each Other,

Plus We Added To Each Other’s Hearts Multiplied Feelings Of Love,

Which No One Can Divide, Even If They Tried.

The Formula We Have Made Is Engraved In Us,

Soul Deep And Skin Deep,

Our Reaction To Their Attempts To Make Our Whole A Fraction Deserves Added Laughter.

Total Up So Far, Exactly Where We Are, And You Will See The Equation.

You Plus Me Equals Infinity,

Made In God’s Image, Reflecting Divinity,

Weakness Reflects Our Humanity,

Allowing Us To, Be Each Other’s Strength In Any Time Of Need.

The Shape Of Our Hearts Are Measureless In Geometry,

And Their Doubt In Our Bond Wont Effect Its Probability.

We Will Beat The Statistics And Show Ourselves That We’ll Last,

To Sum It Up All Up, Our Love Is Simple Math.

You Plus Me Equals Joy, Peace, And Everything The Real Would Ever Seek.”

“How Can They Calculate Our Fate,

Their Calculators Will Break”  –

Ricardo Hanley Jr.


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  1. This is so clever and whitty. I find it very powerful as well.

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    1. Hehehe, thank you thank you. I wanted it to come off as a cute kind of love. I hope to have this poem as an introduction in a children’s math.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. that is a great idea! I am a primary school teacher and perhaps that’s why it resonated with me.

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