The Seeker

“I grasp the clear quartz that hangs from a metal chain I found within the walls of my warm home surviving the winter cold. I seek wisdom consciously, from the Kings of old within my shelter on a technological marvel which mimics the human brain in its processes. I come across a passage describing the Nile Delta and how the great river empties itself into a great sea, mirroring the Truth that flows into me. I’m taken from a state of waking into being fully alert, merging with a spiritual connection from the circuitry created through the resurrection of these rediscovered facts in me. I close my eyes and taste the salt of the Mediterranean, the taste reminds me of tears shed in so many names, and so many nameless. I open my drenched eyes and wipe them dry with my palms, looking at the lines on my hands. Divine design gave me an image similar to the pyramids of Sudan and Giza, lands of intelligence and innovation, kissed by the sun’s fever,1/4 desert and  3/4 vegetation. Like seeds in soil cognitive dissonance plants roots into the very core of my soul, I am ripped apart, baptized in fire and again made whole. Still seeking, still reaching into my depths hands wet from the deep, holding pearls and jewels found within my inner sea. I take these precious stones and create jewelry, adorning myself in a priceless wealth, which shines with a luminosity of a thousand suns. Still seeking, yet I am not still, moving quietly, on the run, being chased by wasted time which serves its purpose to remind me of a time when half-truths would blind me, when my spirit would call for an increased intuition that would save and find me. Well here I stand after the trails, finally found, and to the truth finally bound.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.


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