“Family. The word itself resonates a feeling of safety and love to embrace me. A present love, endless, like the passing of time, changing all within her palms, attentive to all under her caring eyes. Family. Ties formed through what? Blood, but quickly we realize, those ties are bound and loosed by love or lack of love. These ties are made strong or weakened by every action performed, every word drawn like swords from a sheath, revealing who people are through their speech. Family. Those who you may reach with a thought from the mind-synced-heart and draw them into you, in your temple invisible. They kneel beside you as you pray, though you don’t see them praying with you. They are those walking along your path, though they are not there with you. Like ancient ancestors, they are part of you and only a thought and feeling away, if we would but access our own door.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.


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