Sleepless Nights

“Sleepless nights

I watch the sky change; the stars flee as the sun leads the parade for the creatures of the day. They all stand awake and I watch them as I consider their fates.

Sleepless nights,

My mind is active, reacting to truths that have changed my perspective of what I considered my root, so even now I question my fruits, which came from my labor in the name of, what I cannot say but.

These Sleepless nights,

Thinking of how to counter the dark forces, who have left us with no choices and silenced the great voices, who made attempts to resonate light, but like Christ they were crucified by the hands of those who gave the pyramid an eye.

Sleepless nights,

Awake I decide to write, with a full heart I give full thought to protect the reader’s life, open your eyes and question the present, what part of your world is definite? What have you been absorbing? What are the elements of you? If you take vanity out of the equation, what will be the sum of the path you pursue?

My view is a small drop of water in the oceans of truth,

I will continue to explore these oceans, with devotion and bring my findings back to the shore of your souls. You may add them to your depths, if it connects as part of your goal to stand aware and erect.

Sleepless nights.” – Ricardo Hanley Jr.



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