Seeking Liberty


“I revere America like Paul on horseback.

Warning comrades of the appearance of an enemy, which in fact was once ourselves reflected.

Red coats converted to Americans, ceding from The King and Queen, in favor of our own ideals and dreams to be respected.

With the power invested In me, to carry out manifested destiny in the name of Peace and equality.

Though ideals of the free still remain incomplete as slave hands look for a dream they cannot reach.

Though the colonies have breached a consensus, through the constitutional presence, which beseeched a worthy question:


Who indeed is free?


Uncle Sam in the pockets of every Nephew and niece, taking profits in the form of taxes used for police, who continue to show a face of hate, which was once hidden behind a sheet, while African blood still runs through the streets.

A half-breed President at the helm, and an open racist attempting to dethrone him. Should this Trump card be chosen, the colored hands that Hold any cards are folding.

We the people love The diversity of our country, though built on the Pains of our ancestors, we accept our inheritance without grimace.

We cherish our differences without bigotry; though hard to face the truth we acknowledge the truths in our history, still seeking Liberty.” –Ricardo Hanley Jr.


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