Father You Have Never Forsaken Me

family sit in


“Father you have never forsaken me.


Though, I was barely walking while you were smooth talking, setting the stage for infidelity. Your words and actions creating a strong current towards a fleeting marriage, emptying into strange sea.


Though Father you have never forsaken me.

When my little brother was born I was overjoyed, finally a chance to be an elder sibling and protector, but the soil he sprang from will always be questioned, of her loyalty and intent towards the family tree. Her vines covered your eyes, like a funeral shawl, tangled in the web of the black widows claw, to this day I know not what you saw.


Yet Father have never forsaken me.

The calls for you to come visit us, your firstborns, yet you were torn between your newly formed family and us the seeds left in the care of a strong Queen, later in manhood I gained eyes to see and I forgave you for what had to be.


And still Father you have never forsaken me.


How can I be so sure? I inherited your heart through your genes, I’ve displayed all the good you’ve instilled in me. You were a true father in my time of need and even your absence gave way to strengthening me. In my teens for the year I lived under your roof consciously, I reflect regrettably that I couldn’t be the present me, who understands what you endured to prove to yourself that you matured and how you stayed true to your vision to create the conditions for a child to not have his father missing. Such is why I declare with clear conviction,


Father you have never forsaken me.” –

Ricardo Hanley Jr.

2014-09-08 23.46.49 805427060878098552_310422063.jpg


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  1. rhythminlife says:

    This is beautiful Ricardo. Thank you for sharing your heartđź’ž

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my pleasure to share. It is also my therapy, freeing me from any burden I may bear and allowing me to reflect. Thank you for taking the time to read my work. Your work is amazing as well.


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